2017 exhibitors

Our 2018 exhibition will be held from August 8th to September 4th

Artists include:   

Hilary Harrison . . ceramics  Tricia Meynell . . art photography   Christina Hargraves . . watercolour artist   Denise Huddleston . . artist and jeweller    Julia Neubauer . . textile artist               

Hilary Harrison

Hilary moved to Cumbria from Cambridgeshire in 2002 to attend Cumbria Institute of the Arts where she studied for a degree in Applied Arts. She now lives in Cumbria and works from home making thrown, hand built and slip cast work. In 2012 she joined The Fountain Gallery in Wigton as a founder member, which has become the main outlet for her work. 

The inspiration for her current work is taken from fabrics, wallpaper and patterns of the 1950’s. Both hand built and thrown work are decorated with slips that are applied by monoprinting, or by hand painting. 

Her interest in ceramics began when she attended evening classes starting in the 1970’s. This extended into her work as an infant teacher where pottery making was encouraged amongst all staff, and in a school that had a large kiln.

Glynnis Carter

2018 exhibitor

Rowena Beaty

Caroline Brogden

Phil Bradley - baskets

Tricia Meynell

Tricia is a fine art photographer specialising in abstract images which very often blur the distinction between photography and printing - almost (but not quite) painting. She does not use Photoshop to create her work, preferring to 'manipulate' images manually by processes such as printing onto acetate and spraying with water to create a painterly effect, or by simply printing two different images onto the same piece of paper to create an abstract image. Her camera is often used to 'paint' the subject by selecting colour and form and shooting in such a way that these two elements are rendered as a confusion of colours with just the merest hint of the reality behind them.

Christina Hargraves

Born a farmer’s daughter in the West Allen Valley, Christina now lives at Lanercost just over the road from the Priory. She draws inspiration for her art from her country background, having worked on the land as a shepherdess which developed her deep love of nature, animals and the countryside. She now loves working in her beautiful cottage garden and paddock, full of wild flowers, honey bees and a few chickens. Mostly worked in a wet on wet technique, the watercolour paintings are in impressionistic floral style using mainly pastoral colours, creating an atmospheric pictorial image.

Denise Huddleston

Denise designs and makes a collection of hand printed artworks and jewellery. She combined a previous career as a college lecturer, teaching art, textiles and interior design with exhibiting her work throughout the UK. Denise makes her own silk screens to create designs, developed from her own paintings and drawings. Mountains, water and wildlife and poetry have been her inspiration for as long as she can remember. As a keen environmentalist, she uses ecologically safe inks and natural fabrics. Passion for landscape and the natural world is portrayed with contemporary flair.

Richard Kennedy - Ram Workshop

Mary Kennedy - Decorative Painter

Exhibitor 2018

Julia Neubauer - Chameleon

This years Chameleon collection has neutral colours with bright accents, combined with bold stripes, blocks and patterns to produce a range of hats, scarves, wristwarmers, brooches and cushions in super soft lambswool.

Exhibitor 2018